IMG_3936Everything you wanted to know about our amazing teacher Emerson!

How long have you been at BPS?

9 years – I did beginners at the old Miranda studio way back 2007 Term 1

What is your favourite move?

Knee hang & candy

What is your nemesis move?

Deville split

What move are you working on at the moment?

Splits, always bloody splits

Do you have a go to move in-case-of-emergency?

Twisty grip back stag
Did you have a background in gym/dance before you started pole?

+15yrs in the fitness industry & +20yrs triathlon – so that would be a NO ! haaa haa !

Favourite pole moment?

Watching a students personal confidence grow

Care to share any faux paux or disaster moments with us?

Forgetting routines

Who is your pole crush/pole idol?

Jedda J, Daisy & Polina Martyanova

If you could take a class with any poler (active or retired) who would it be?

Jedda J

Which celebrity (apart from the obvious Channing Tatum) do you think would be great at pole?

Cameron Diaz

What song (or genre) do you love to pole to?

Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies

What song has pole ruined for you?

Cherry Pie – Warrant

Do you think pole should be in the Olympics?

No – too many different styles to cater for & judge

If you never discovered pole dancing what would you be doing?

Running extreme marathons in different counties

Some non-pole stuff about you…
What is your star sign?

Virgo – yep, I like to clean & organise

Where did you grow up?

Shire, born & breed

Do you have any siblings?

Yes, older brother

Tell us about your (fur) babies

3yrs old (extremely spoilt) Weimaraner Stella & I spend 20mins every morning feeding 30+ lorikeets, 2 magpie families, 1 currawong family, 2 kookaburra, 2 butcher birds & 2 black faced cuckoo shrikes

Favourite Movie

The Big Blue

Favourite food/place to eat

Homemade spag bowl & fillet steak cooked rare on the BBQ

Wine or chocolate?

Wine – its easy to eat Chocolate everyday

Sun or snow?

Sun, always sun

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, but i do love cats too

Tattoos or beards?

Beards, you can always shave off a beard !

Things we can learn from you…
Do you have any pole hacks?

“If in doubt take it out”

Any other advice you want to share?

Yep, my personal mantra “ya cant polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter”





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