Charlotte’s been hooked on pole dancing since her very first class in 2010.

She began teaching in 2015 and has a passion for helping her students unlock their inner goddess while working up a solid sweat.
A big fan of bringing a show to life, Charlotte’s been competing since 2016, her highlights include: – Winner, Risque Pole Competition, Oct 2017 – Winner, Dance Filthy Amateur Competition, April 2018 – Runner-Up, Dance Filthy, Semi Pro Division, May 2019 – Runner-Up, Floorplay, Semi Pro Division, Aug 2019.

When she’s not at the studio you’ll find her hanging out with her Chiuahah Taco, lazing on the beach or indulging in some pasta with a side of Real life Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Check out Charlotte on Instagram: @charlotte_poledancer



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