Lola Grace

Lola Grace can be found by following the trail of belongings she leaves in her wake. She is affectionately referred to as “Lola Disgrace” by her colleagues due to here airy-fairy forgetfulness. But don’t worry, she almost always remembers her choreography, which is lucky, because the students absolutely love her Exotic, gooey style! Lola is our resident free-styling queen, and when she’s not dancing, she’s teaching Contortion and being bendy.

Lola began her pole life at Bobbis way back in 2009. She fell in love with our warm community, and loves how empowering and therapeutic pole dancing is. She recently won Exotic Generation Flow Australia 2020 and is looking forward to competing internationally in 2021.

Lola loves teaching (she used to be a high school teacher!) and has a warm, bubbly personality that make students feel at ease.

When she’s not in the studio Lola is either at the beach, at one of her favourite cafes, or at home drinking wine and cooking!


Check out Lola on Instagram: @lolaograce




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