Frequently Asked Questions


Our studio is located at unit 7, 185 Port Hacking Road, Miranda, 2228.

We have parking available right outside our bright pink door. The closest train station, Miranda, is a fifteen minute walk away.

Our terms run for 10 weeks! Week 10 is an optional performance week for our students to showcase their skills to family and friends if they like.

For a term week term, the total cost of your first class is $325 and any additional classes are $190 each. Students usually pay a 50% deposit to secure their spots, and the remaining 50% once term begins, or they split this up across the term with our flexible payment plans. Get in touch with our reception team to discuss payment plan options.

Casual Classes can be done during the term, please contact us for availability.

“You can do a catch-up class before you miss the class or after, as long as it’s in the same term. Once you’re enrolled you join our closed student Facebook group.

Every day at 12noon (or the previous day for Sat and Sun classes) we put a post that details what classes that evening have poles spare and you just need to leave a comment with the name of the class and the time to grab a place in line.

Reception will not respond to confirm your place, you will need to check that people commenting before you haven’t already taken all the available spots.”

You can do a catch up class in Miranda, Elizabeth Street, Perth or Malaysia, just let reception know and they will organise it with you.

Refunds are made at the discretion of Bobbi’s Pole Studio, on a case by case basis. We always do our best to accommodate our students needs, so get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll do our best to work something out!

Classes run for 1 hour.

After arriving at the studio, we recommend you get changed into your pole wear before class starts. Once you enter the class room put your belongings off to the side and give your pole and space a wipe down with a cloth and metho that’s provided in all our rooms in spray bottles. Your instructor will start the class with a warm up, then it’s time to strap on your heels (if you use them) while the studio notices are announced. From there you’ll then work on revision and learn the week’s syllabus moves and combinations. Towards the end of class you’ll work on the class routine, adding onto it each week. Followed by a quick cool down you’ll then be asked to clean your pole and space around your pole before you leave.

For your first class we recommend you wear shorts above the knees, bare feet or you can bring a comfortable pair of stilettos with an ankle strap (that you would be comfortable wearing out dancing). Every class starts with a warm-up in bare feet then heels pop on for the lesson. After that, most students dive into the world of pole wear and pleaser shoes!

Not at all, whatever you are comfortable in but just know they are more comfortable than they look, don’t take long to get used to and make your legs look amazing! They also help you with floor transitions, protect your toes when you dance and provide extra grip on the poles especially if you choose to wear boots. We recommend checking out our friends at (Use code BILLIE10 for a discount!)

Yes, everyone gets their own pole for class.

The poles do spin, we also have poles that can be set to static as well.

We have 38.1mm brass poles.

We have a bathroom by reception.

Yes, we have a chilled water filter in reception. We also sell bottled water for $3.00 at reception if you ever forget to bring your own.

Pole Dancers use their skin to grip to the pole, we also use different grip aids to help with sweaty/oily or dry skin. We have a bunch of different grip aids available for purchase at reception.

“Make sure that you arrive to class on time, we have a strict 5 min late policy that is enforced by reception and teachers, this is to ensure your own safety.
Please don’t chew gum in class.
Please don’t talk when the instructor is talking.
Please be supportive and respectful to other class mates and staff (rudeness will not be tolerated).
If you are doing a catch up class let the regular students of the class choose their poles first.

We highly encourage students to film themselves in class as it’s a great way to track your progress and a great learning tool, however, when filming in class you MUST check with the other students around you before recording espeically if you plan on posting on social media.
Filming your instuctor demonstrating or teaching a trick IS NOT ALLOWED, your teacher will let you know when you can record yourself, phones should not be filming for the entire duration of the class.”

Not at all! We assume that all first timers have had no experience! We’re here to teach you everything you need to know!

No! During our carefully structured courses you will build your strength up as you go!

You’re never to old to start pole dancing, we have students and teachers ranging in age from 20’s to 50’s!

We are an inclusive studio and welcome all genders to attend our classes.

We accept students from age 16 (16 and 17 we request premission from a parent or guardian). You can use active kids vouchers twice a year.

“We offer are a range of classes that aren’t limited to Pole Dancing!

SLAP aka Strip Tease and Lap Dancing

Want to add a little extra spice into your fitness routine? Give lap dancing a go!

In Beginner’s SLAP, you will work on perfecting your technique in high heels, how to strip off clothing in a super sexy way, and how to give your partner (or whomever you choose) a delightful lap dance and learn to dance with props – chair, whips etc and basic floorwork. No experience required!

Splits & Contortion

Perfect for all levels, these classes will get you bendy and increase your mobility.

All classes have variations of stretches and conditioning techniques. The instructor will work out the most appropriate level for you. You don’t have to be flexible to start (or even be able to touch your toes).

These classes will build you up to great mobility and strength in those muscles, no matter where you are when you start.

Practice time is open studio time where you can practice the tricks and routines you’ve learnt in class. It’s open to all students and non-students and runs everyday.

Practice time is supervised by an instructor Fridays 5-7pm and Sunday 9-11am. This is so they can help answer any questions about tricks, routines, or offer a spot. For safety reasons we ask that students do not teach each other in practice time. 

Practice time is $10 for enrolled students, $20 for students not currently enrolled in the term and $30 for non-students (Practice time is CASH ONLY).

Practice times are shown in our timetable, Bookings are not essential.

If you haven’t done pole before start at beginners. If you have done pole (coming back from break or coming from another studio) it’s best you come in for a free level assessment during supervised practice time. Our instructor will go through the syllabus with you to assess you in the best level with us and you’re welcome to stay for practice after.

“On our last week of class (week 10), we have SHOWTIME! With Showtime you can dress up to that term’s theme and you’re welcome to invite family and friends to come watch you perform your routine. Your classes join together and after an audience free warm up and run-through, the audience is invited in and each class performs and ends with a fantastic instructors show. It’s a really fun supportive environment! For some people it can be terrifying but when they’ve finished they want to do it again. It’s a fantastic way to get out of your comfort zone and you’ll get SUCH a sense of accomplishment.

If performing is not for you, just make sure you get in a makeup class before the term is over, this can be done in another levelled class (of the same level) or any of our flexibility based classes.

We have Amateur Nights twice a year and when you get REALLY good you might want to enter other competitions, such as Miss Pole Dance Australia, Mr Pole Dance Australia or MX Pole Dance Australia – which we run! There are literally hundreds of industry competitions each year, it won’t take you long to get involved. You can find most of these comps advertised on Facebook or Instagram.

“Absolutely! Check out X-POLE Australia. Our poles in the studio are brass and 38.1mm. Some pole suppliers will have 40mm as their smallest size. We highly recommend a reputable brand and to not purchase poles through ebay or other sports websites. There are many unsafe fake brands and last thing you want is a pole that is not properly fitted that can damage your property and also cause harm or injury to yourself.

We sure do! Contact our lovely receptionists for more info.

“To move up each level, you’ll need to be assessed by your regular teacher to get approval, make sure you speak to your teacher at the beginning of your class so they can assess you during the class. Each of our levels has a set of pre-requsite moves that you’ll need to master (on both sides) before moving up.
We highly recommend repeating levels, in fact most of our teachers repeated levels multiple times as they were learning.