What is the difference between flexibility, splits and contortion?

* What is the difference between contortion, flexibility, and splits?*

We get this question a lot on reception, so thought we’d make a little post about it

All classes are one hour classes and appropriate for all levels, the teachers will give you progressions that are most appropriate for where you’re at in your flexy journey

Flexibility – a full body flexibility class. You will flex, stretch, and tone just about every inch of your body so that you will be super fit to make more beautiful lines in your pole tricks and just go about life happier, healthier, and bendier. Great if you are new to stretching, need that little extra push to work on your flexibility more, or just want to perv on Lennox Moon and Chris Talbot under the guise of exercise ??

Splits – A flexibility class fully focused on getting you the holy grail of all three splits (and maybe an over split or two ?). This class will give you a regular weekly super deep stretch for your splits. Some weeks may be more front split focused, some more middle splits. Lots of students have seen great progress from taking this class.

Contortion – contortion is essentially a hyperfocused flexibility class. Instead of going full body flexibility every class, Luna chooses a shape to work on each week and you will spend the whole hour moving into that shape. She will start you off with some muscle activation exercises and some mobility work and slowly ramp up the intensity until you end up in the final form of that week’s chosen shape (needle scale, middle splits, bridge, chinstand, etc). The goal is to move towards more advanced positions, but modifications are given for each exercise to match whatever ability you are currently at