Why I Pole Dance

Every term we pick a student to be our “Social Butterfly.” Over the term this student will share his/her experiences as a pole dancer, how they came into pole dancing, frustrations, celebrations, and everything in between! Our social butterfly last term was Tennille and her words were just so lovely we had to share. THIS […]

Welcome to the new Bobbi’s Website

Bobbi’s Pole Dance Studio was founded in 2004 by Bobbi, a former professional dancer, who wanted to create a fun and empowering space for people of all ages and fitness levels to learn pole dancing and other forms of dance-based fitness. Over the years, Bobbi’s Pole Dance Studio has become known for its high-quality classes, […]

What is the difference between flexibility, splits and contortion?

* What is the difference between contortion, flexibility, and splits?* We get this question a lot on reception, so thought we’d make a little post about it All classes are one hour classes and appropriate for all levels, the teachers will give you progressions that are most appropriate for where you’re at in your flexy […]